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Amazon G4

Agar - Amazon G4

Agar Code AM10
pH Level

10.8 +/- 0.5






Product Description

What is Amazon G4 ?

Amazon G4 is a concentrated powder detergent for carpet cleaning with hot water extraction machines. It has a very powerful cleaning action that gives brilliant results even on the most heavily-soiled carpets.

Far superior to the previous version, Amazon G4 cleans carpets faster and achieves better results with its high performance formula.

Now a yellow powder with a rose perfume, it has a stronger de-foamer in it, which minimises foam in the recovery tank and improves productivity.

The new Amazon G4 has more alkaline reserves to attack really dirty carpets, such as in Chinese restaurants and pubs where the carpets can be loaded up with cooking oil and food spillages. Its brilliant cleaning power will even keep the inside of the carpet extraction machines will cleaner!

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How Does It Work ?

Amazon G4 has a multi-faceted cleaning action so that it separates soil from the fibres, disperses solid particles, emulsifies oils, sequesters hard water ions, dissolves water-soluble matter, suspends dirt and saponifies fatty materials.